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It's called Team Work!

Our program depends on the commitment and sacrifice of many volunteers. They devote a substantial amount of their time and energy to support our youth sports program.

For example, consider the time our coaches devote to the team. They attend 10 hours of practice per week during pre-season and attend OCJAAF and SOC Patriots meetings and training sessions. During the season, they participate in six hours of practice per week and attend games every Saturday. On top of this, most coaches spend additional time each week preparing for games by participating in coaches’ meetings, reviewing game films and scouting upcoming opponents. They also spend time talking with parents and their players outside of practice and helping SOC Patriots with activities such as Patriot Football Camp, Physicals, Equipment Day, etc.

Community Service Volunteers are always welcome to support our league. We have community service work hours available at all home games at DHHS. We will post the links here once we get the game schedules for the season.

Because the success of our program depends on volunteers, our parents are required to volunteer 4 hours per season.  Each family is required to pay $100.00 at Physical Day.  Volunteer funds will be refunded back to each family once their 4 hour volunteer hours have been completed.  Offical volunteer positions below are exempt from the $100.00 volunteer fee:

Team Manager

This is a critical position on each team. The Team Manager has too many responsibilities to list. Among other things, they keep the team roster, organize and motivate other team volunteers, gets the answer to every question, makes sure parents are informed and arranges team activities. The Team Manager acts as the link between parents and the team’s coach.

Athletic Director

The team Athletic Director is responsible for keeping records of participation in practice and attendance. Each team is assigned a team book that includes vital information and OCJAAF required documents. This book must be kept with the team at all times, including practices and games. The athletic director is responsible for this book.

Equipment Manager

The Team Equipment Manager helps with the issuance and collection of football equipment (i.e., helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, pants, etc.). He also is the custodian of the team box that has tools, spare parts and first aid supplies. Among other things, he may replace a broken chin strap or repair a broken helmet snap. The Team Equipment Manager must attend every game.

Game Day Compliance

The Game Day Compliance Volunteers conduct the official weigh-in and equipment inspection before home games and they monitor the "must plays" for all games. Two Game Day Compliance volunteers are needed on the field for all home and away games.

Chain Gang

The Chain Gang works the chains during the game, which provides the best view in the house. Two Chain Gang volunteers are needed on the field for home games and one for away games.

Team Media

The Team Media person writes a short and concise, yet thrilling and engaging, article about each game that is published in local papers and posted on the SOC Patriots web site team page.

Game Clock

Volunteers operate the scoreboard at each game. This involves starting and stopping the game clock and recording the score. At least one game clock volunteer is required for all home games.

Team Photographer

The team photographer takes pictures at games and events for the players and their families as well as for the Picture Page of our website.

Banquet Organizer

The Banquet Organizer is in charge of the end of season celebration for their team. Each player is given a trophy and individual recognition is made of each participant.

Volunteering is a lot of fun. You get the chance to interact with other SOC Patriot family members and to contribute to the program. Without volunteers, we do not have a program and no football players or cheerleaders. Please do your part!


Volunteer Background Check

All adult volunteers who require a pictured badge on the field (head coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, equipment managers, team managers, athletic directors & Game Day Compliance) must complete the volunteer background check. A team manager will notify you if you are required to complete this process.